Piasan is excited to share the key to running a successful business as we enter 2023. One of the recipes is to choose the finest material for food. Fish is used in a few dishes on the Piasan menu, and our chef always selects the best quality fish before cooking it.

You can feel overwhelmed by the variety of fish on offer while entering local fishmonger or supermarket. To ensure that you buy the best quality fish we have put together 6 simple checks for you.

  1. SKIN – A shiny skin with surface slime indicates that the fish is fresh and of high quality.
  2. FINS – The fins should be well-defined and voluminous rather than scraggly or fractured
  3. GILLS – A fish with moist, shiny, pink or red gills is a sure sign that it is fresh and of high quality. Avoid any fish with brown or fading gills.
  4. SMELL – Keep in mind that fish should not smell fishy when it is fresh. Additionally, check to see if the fish has a pleasant aroma rather than one that you hope will go away after cooking.
  5. FEEL – A fish of high grade will always have a firm feel. While some fish will feel softer than others, it is a clue that the fish has gone bad if it feels flabby or becomes loose.
  6. EYES: The eyes of fresh fish should be bright and clear. Avoid fish with hazy, sunken, or crimson blotches.

Happy Cooking