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Wedding Reception

An elegant sit down dinner is available for the bridal party at our Venues restaurant with your choice of floral theme. The restaurant are adorned with white flowers and satin arrangement.

A three-course until seven-course menu as suggested by our Executive Chef will be served with adequate timing between courses for toasts and speeches. A fine selection of red and white wines will be served throughout the duration of the dinner. An alternative dinner option is our Exotic Barbecue in villa or restaurant.

For tailor-made arrangement please contact wedding assistant services.

Private Dining

Piasan offers several options, Main dining Area for up to 48 guests features a separate dinner setting area. Terrace with semi open area seating up to 32 guests. Lounge for up to 20 guests located at our 2nd floor. Courtyard with a perfect venue to spend time with friends; or for an informal garden cocktail gathering.

Cooking Class

Learn culinary secrets from our Chef. A one-day cooking course begins with a trip to a colorful traditional fish market. Amidst the hustle and bustle select the finest ingredients that local vendors have to offer. We then return to the kitchen to prepare the recipe of your choice. Discover the intriguing combinations of herbs, spices, sauces and marinades that produce the distinct flavors in our selection of gourmet meals. Our Chef will take you through every step culminating in a meal that you will never forget. Cooking Class available with Market Visit or without Market Visit. Recipes and a certificate are presented upon completion, is recommended for minimum of 2 guests.

Terms & Conditions


Minimum Capacity : 20 guests
Maximum Capacity : 20 guests

Main Dining

Minimum Capacity : 20 guests
Maximum Capacity : 48 guests


Minimum Capacity : 20 guests
Maximum Capacity : 32 guests


Maximum Capacity : 50 guests


  • Menu allowed : Set Menu OR BBQ Dinner/Buffet Dinner
  • Menu must be choose latest 1 day prior the event
  • Menu must be one same Menu for all guests
  • Options allowed at Main Course maximum 3 Main course options
  • Each Main course Menu choice must be informed latest 3 days prior the event

Dinner Inclusions

  • Placed Card
  • Menu Card
  • One time coffee or Tea
  • Private Venue

Minimum Guarantee

  • Lounge : 20 guests
  • Main Dining Area : 30 guests
  • Terrace : 30 guests
  • Courtyard : 50 guests

Deposit Policies

  • 50% Deposit required to hold the venue, balance payment must be settled latest 3 days prior the event
  • Any Additional consumption on the day of Event, must be settled after the Dinner on the day of the Event

Childern Policies

  • children from range age of 1 – 5 years old should be ordered from ala carte menu for kids. Children from range age of 6 – 11 years old to be charged at 50% discount from adult rate. Children 12 years and above to be charged at full charge rate.
  • Children is allowed to attend the wedding/private dinner at Piasan Restaurant

Outside Vendor Policies

  • Additional IDR 2,000,000 ++ of Entrance fee to bring Decorator, sound system, entertainment , sound system, back drop, MC
  • Corkage fee apply as follow :
    1. Wine at IDR 250,000 ++ per open bottle
    2. Champagne at IDR 400,000 ++ per open bottle
    3. Liquor , aperitifs other related at IDR 450,000 ++ per open bottle
  • Client / vendor shall coordinate with kayumanis for venue loading, setup, and time.
  • Client/vendor highly recommended to do site visit in advance due to the distance factor.
  • Client/ vendor shall maintain properties and  cleanliness of the venue and any damaged caused during the rental time will be responsibility of the client
  • All event must be end by 10:00 pm to comply with county sound ordinances and in order to allow to clean-up and closure of the site by the latest 12:00 am
  • Sound system must be turn off by latest at 10.00 pm,.
  • All Decoration or properties provided by the client must be removed without leaving damages directly following the departure of the last guest, unless special arrangements have been made between the client(s) and the venue.
  • Electricity provided only 2,500 watt outside from that will be with additional charge according Kayumanis policy , additional charge at IDR 1,500,000 ++ / 1000 watt
  • Client/ vendor not allowed to bring own food
  • Client/vendor not allowed to bring beer, other non alcoholic drinks


  • Not allowed for multiple dine in / multiple meeting
  • One time dine in must accomplished up to 3 hours
  • Not allowed to bring own Food
  • Not allowed to bring non alcoholic drinks

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